Familiy Plan

The economic and efficient alternative of an Insurance.


- Emergencies and Medical Consultations 24/7.
- Video medical consultations worldwide.
- Without age limits to subscribe.
- Without admission medical exams.
- No call limits.
- Without increments every year.
- No hidden costs.


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What does it consist of:

The Family Plan is a membership to our service that protects your whole family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Let's imagine you had an accident or an emergency. As you are a service affiliate you call SEMM and we dispatch you to the place where you are an Ambulance or an Advanced Unit.


Let's say you don't have an emergency, but a minor case and you feel bad (your belly hurts a lot). As you are a service affiliate, you make a video consultation with the doctor in seconds or we send the doctor to your home.

All the material and medicines used in the care do not represent an additional cost and if the transfer to a hospital is necessary as a result of the care, it does not carry any cost.