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protected area

Your staff is the most precious resource.

Your customers are too

Protected Area is a SEMM service that protects every person who is inside the company's offices, in the event of any urgency or medical emergency.



Employees, Clients, Suppliers, Circumstantial visitors, all are covered under the Business Plan.


Give the benefit to your employees, and also reduce absences and leaves by 25-40%.


¿How it works?


In an emergency, urgency or accident, whether customer, provider, employee or visitor. SEMM will send an ambulance or advanced unit, equipped with a complete medical crew and with the highest technology for care and this will not incur in a cost the patient.

Complete the form with us to receive our presentation of the plan and the description of its more than 20 benefits included.

Having doubts?

90% of our cases

are solved on the spot,

without need for a hospital transport.

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